Which Programming Language Should I Learn For Hacking ?

Why Programming
So the first question many people will ask is why should i learn any programming language when there are so many tools and Frameworks such as MSF (Metasploit framework) to do my job. All i need to know is how the tool works and what is the purpose of it ?. The Answer for the question is both an Yes and No, You can become a Pentester/Hacker without knowing any programming but how ever your not going to become a good  pentester /Hacker.
So Knowing Programming Will
Differentiate you from Script kiddies and Tool Lovers
Help You in Understanding About Vulnerabilities
Help You in writing Your own tools, scripts
Help You in writing exploits, Shell codes etc
Help You modifying Existing scripts, tools according to your needs

Which Programming Language to Learn ?
So now that you have understood the importance of knowing programming, The next question in your mind is which programming language should i learn, The answer for this question depends on your interests and goals

For Web App Pentesting /Hacking
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basics for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. So if you don't know HTML you should first learn it
Learning java script. Will help you understand the basics of Cross Site Scripting
Majority of web applications are written using PHP and MySQL .So it is a must to learn PHP

For Writing / Understanding Exploits, Shell Codes, Root kits etc
C & C++
More than 60 % of the exploits you will find on the web are written in C & C ++, Learning C & C++ will help you understand about Buffer overflows, Stack overflow etc, So learning C and C ++ is must for every hacker/Pen tester
Learning assembly will help you in Writing/understanding Shell codes , Will Help you in Reverse Engineering applications and software's

For Building Tools And Scripts
Python is a very powerful high level language , Its Easy to learn and code, most of the tools and scripts for automation are written in Python . Knowing Python socket programming will help you a lot in Exploit writing
Ruby is an another language which is used to write scripts, tools. Metasploit Frame Work is written in Ruby. so learning ruby will help you understand the in and outs of msf
Learning Bash is very Useful in writing small scripts for automatio

How To Use A Proxy Server Online To Become Anonymous All Browsers

This is a simple tutorial on how to become anonymous online and add a proxy to your chosen browser.
To get a proxy list use google or these sites http://spys.ru or http://proxy-list.org or http://www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list/

This guide shows you how set up your browser to work with an (anonymous) HTTP proxy server.
The proxy address along with the port number should look like this:
The address is “″. The port is the part behind the colon, “1789″.
Caution: (Please do not attempt to use the above example as it is only numbers pulled from the air and not intended to be used).
Please note: Sooner or later your proxy will stop working or it may not work from the start … even if you properly tested it first. Regardless, when it doesn’t work, simply repeat the process with another proxy.

Firefox 2.x and 3.x
Setting up Mozilla Firefox to use a proxy is a simple and straight forward task. It only differs a bit on each operating system.
Run Firefox.
Click Tools from the menu bar.
Click the Options menu item.
Now click the Advanced icon at the right side.
Click the Network tab.
In the Connection field, click Settings
Click Manual proxy configuration:
Enter your selected proxy it in the correct field. The first field is the address, the second field is the port. If you are using a HTTP proxy then click the box for, “Use this proxy server for all protocols“.
Click OK.
Click Close.
It should not be necessary to restart Firefox.
* * * * * * * * * **
Internet Explorer 5.x, 6.x, 7.x with a LAN, DSL or Cable connection:
This method will only work when you are not connected over a dial-up modem. If you are using a dial-up modem, look at the instructions below.
Open Internet Explorer.
Click the Tools item in the menu bar, in Internet Explorer 7 it is a button at the right side.
Now click the Internet Options menu item.
Click the Connections tab.
In the “LAN-Settings” field, click Settings
In the Proxy server field, make sure the Use a proxy server for your LAN box is checked.
Enter the the proxy’s IP in the Address box, and the Port in the Port box.
Click OK.
Click OK again.
It should not be necessary to restart Internet Explorer.
Firefox 2.x and 3.x
Click Firefox in the menu bar.
Click the Preferences menu item.
Now click the Advanced icon at the right side.
Click the Network tab.
In the Connection field click Settings
Click at Manual proxy configuration.
Now, according to the proxy type you use, enter it in the correct field. The first field is the address, the second field is the port.
Click OK.
Click Close.
It should not be necessary to restart Firefox.

If you have cookies left in your browser, sites may identify you by using them. Therefore, if your goal is to be anonymous, then delete all cookies before using an anonymous proxy. You can also be identified as a specific user if you login to your existing accounts with your proxy connection, if you have previously logged in with your (real) IP. As a result, you always sign up for new separate account that you use only with your proxy or proxies.