Hack A Site EASY [ SQL Inject With Havij v1.16 ]

This is a simple tutorial on how to hack sites with Havij v1.16 
In this tutorial I assume that you already know how to find a vulnerable site, and I wont go through that part.

Knowledge is free, but the one who are reading this are responsible for how they use this knowledge.
Please note that this is Illegal in most countries.

With that said, download Havij v1.16 Pro for free (Cracked) and follow the steps.
Download from here OR you may find the file in google :   Haviji v1.16

Hidden Content:
    Step 1 - Analyze target and find Database
1. First find a vulnerable site, and then copy the URL of it.
2. In Havij, paste the vulnerable link in the 'Target' section as shown below:
3. Press 'Analyze'
Now you will get information about the site such as Host IP, Web Server etc.
Here the Database is called 'Vize' as shown in the picture under 'Current Database'.
Step 2 - Get Tables and Columns
    1. Head over to the 'Tables' section and press 'Get Tables'.
Picture 1
So here is our victims Tables:
2. Now select 'users' or any other relative Table and click 'Get Columns'.
Picture 1
3. Now you should have some columns called things like 'ID', 'Usernames', 'Passwords' or something similar.
In this case we had 'login' and 'passwd' and it seemed to be relevant.
Step 3 - Get Admins login details
       1. Select all relative columns and press 'Get Data'
1. Go to the 'Find Admin' section and press 'Start'.
It'll now start scanning
Success! Here is our admin page!
2. Go to the URL and Log In with the admin credentials we found in Step 3, have fun!


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