How To Get FBI Login Screen

 FBI Login Screen
1) Download LogonStudios here:  LogonStudios
2) Install LogonStudios.
3) Download the FBI logon file here: FBI logon

That's pretty much it, enjoy ! :D

Find Out Your Number 1 Stalker On Facebook[2013]

How to find who out who stalks you the most on Facebook:
Right Click your internet browser while on Facebook page
1. Click view Page Source
2. Typee Ctrl + F 
3. Enter ordered_
4. Look for the First Numbers then copy it and put it after

Now you can see who stalk[see your account most of the time].....

How To Kick/Lock People Off Facebook

How to Kick anyone off Face-book!

1. Go to Victims Profile (must be friends)
2. Click settings, then Report/Block.
3. Click "Submit Report" then tick the "Report ???? account"
4. Click "This is Fake Account" and tick the "Other" circle.
5.  Tick "Submit Report" and click continue.
That's it, now they will be kicked off Face-book till they can prove they own the account with security questions/mobile verification.