How To Hack Facebook Using Remote keylogger

Q) What is a keylogger?
A) A keylogger is a program or software which logs or track the keystrokes by the user and saves them into a file.

Q) Where does it saves the Keylogs?
A) It saves the logs into a text file which is present either in windows directory or in cache memory .

Q) Since it saves logs in the Pc ,do i need physical access to that computer?
A) Not necessarily ,It depends on the keylogger you are using .If you are using a remote keylogger you dont need physical access to that computer. The logger will automatically upload the logs to your **FTP SERVER** ,website,email...

Steps - 

1) Download and extract all the files in  :

2) Open FKS 2.0.exe

3) Server name : enter any name you want but it should resemble to something related to windows processes ,something like "csrsss.exe" or "explore.exe".

4) Reg key : leave it as it is.

5) Remove file : You could enter any weird name.

6) slave name : enter your slave 's name .

7) Get and exec : Leave it as it is.

8) Go to Logging options by clicking on "logging Options" in Left side.

9) Log File Name : Enter your slave 's name with a .txt extension example :  rishabh.txt

10) When log gets _____ bytes long, upload it . : Enter 5000.

11) Go to "Upload Options" .

12) Enter the Ftp server details accordingly Server host in "ftp server" ,user name in "FTP user" ,password in FTP password and /victimname in "upload dir".

13)After that click on build server and your keylogger will create a file named server.exe in the keylogger directory i.e. the folder where you extracted the Fks files.

14)Rename server.exe with something cooler like "counter strike 1.6" or anything else.

15)Send this file to your Victims .As soon as he executes the file ,His logs will start uploading at your Ftp server.

16)After that open Filezilla and fill your Ftp details.Then it will show 2 columns one containing your Hard disk data in the right side and other in the left will be your Files in your web hosting account . Download the logs to your pc and Serach for email accounts and their passwords.
You will find many other intersting things too in that file like what your slave searches on google, 


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