Free Unlimited Internet via PD Proxy

Free Unlimited Internet via PD Proxy

How to work with it?
1. Sign up for an account ( Sign Up for Free

2. Download and unzip PD-Proxy
3. Open PD-Proxy.exe When a prompt message asking you to install a driver press Yes.
4. Press connect and wait till it says that you are connected.
5. Enjoy browsing the internet safely and securely…


1. Make sure that you have activated your registered account.
2. Make sure the program has administrative privileges when using Vista/7
3. Make sure you have an active internet connection.

PD Proxy Settings:
Step 1: Goto 3rd tab & Click “Click Here to Show Advance Settings…“

Step 2: Click On ” Proto Option

TCP Server Port-

Port: 443

 UDP Server Port-

Port: 80

Port Settings:-

Bind Local Port: 0

Click on ” Save & Go back “

Step 3: Click on “Connect” button and wait for the ” Succesfully connected to server! message “

Bingo!! You are done

**Important Things**

1. PD Proxy only limited to 100 MB for per id [1 ID = 100 MB]

2. If you want to use unlimited Internet then register as many id as you can!!

3. Logout when 90 MB download done & sign in again with new id

4. And again you will get 100 MB :p You can do this whole day

5. If somehow you reached 100MB you will be auto disconnect from Internet & You can’t use PD Proxy for 1 day !!

6. If you want to get unlimited email id to Sign-up in PD Proxy Just give your mail id in reply  i will mail you ASAP!


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