How to set up No-ip host - Free Dynamic DNS host

How To Setting Up No-ip Host

Follow the bellow steps below to setup a No-ip free dynamic host:

Step 1: Register an account at After email verification, login to your account and click on “Add a host” to get this page:

Step 2:  Now, fill the information as below:
Hostname: Choose anything you want. Mostly use “” from drop down box, select (Don’t use any other or it may not work).

Step 3:  Leave all things same as it is and hit on “Create host”.

Step 4:  Now, free download No-ip client and install it on your computer. Run the No-ip client software and enter your No-ip login and password. After successful login, No-ip shows pop-up box like this(if it doesn’t show, hit on “Select Hosts”):

Step 5:  Hit on checkbox just besides your host created in step 3 and hit on Save.

That’s it. You have completed setting up free No-ip host.


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