Hack Password : Hack Paypal, Facebook, Hotmail Password Using URL

Remote Windows Stealer is one of the easiest stealers you will ever use. Along with a little social engineering, you can decrypt hundreds of passwords in no time! Luckily, the average many users does not have much knowledge of computers so a little of social engineering should do the trick. It uses vulnerabilities of Windows that I have discovered myself. Just follow a few simple steps and it will decrypt all of the stored passwords from the internet browsers and sends the notification to your email! It is 100% Full Undetectable by ALL anti-viruses because there is nothing downloaded onto the slave's computer.

Hack Twitter Account and Facebook Account Password In One Click :

Follow the following steps to hack or steal password of Facebook Account, Twitter Account, Hotmail Account, Paypal Account which are stored in browser using Remote Windows Stealer via URL :

Step 1: Go to: Remote Windows Stealer Website :  http://stealer.ambesty.com/

Step 2: Enter your email, click Signup/Login.
Step 3: It will generate a URL per theme. Now choose a theme and its URL.
Step 4: Use domain services such as: Dot to encode the URL's into more believable ones.
Step 5: Now send the enocded URL to your slave.

Thats it friends...
If all goes well, you should receive an email in your inbox with the decrypted data.


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