How to bypass Url shorten advertisements

                          How to bypass Url shorten advertisements 

There was very annoying when we want to download movies or games that owner set the download link with the was used to embed with the download link to earn money. But this extension make our download process so slow and delay. This is one of my solution how to remove link.

How to bypass Url shorten advertisements:

To bypass/hack, you need to have Firefox browser with Greasemonkey installed. You can install Greasemonkeyfirefox addon, if you haven't installed yet. 

Download : 

1. Go to Hacker script page to bypass advertisements.

link :

2. Hit on Install and confirm the script installation in your Greasemonkey.

3. Now, whenever you'll click on any shortened link(eg: , you won't see any timer or counter of 5 seconds. The actual intended page will appear.

Finish..that all.Thank you for reading.


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