Rapzo Keylogger 2011, Hack any email with this keylogger Rapzo keylogger 1.5 public Edition full

Rapzo Keylogger, Hack any email with this keylogger Rapzo keylogger 1.5 public Edition (( full Tutorial )). 

I post this tutorial in front page only for request . So guys read this article and you can hack any slaves pc.

If you don't get me then check this video how to setup : 


what the things you will need to hack accounts with rapzo keylogger.

  1. Rapzo Keylogger
  2. Resource Hacker
  3. winrar (or any compressing tool)
  4. Microsoft net frame work
  5.  A Hosting account (for share this file)

Now Learn Tutorial
1. 1st of all download Download Rapzo keylogger and Resource Hacker
2. Note You need to install Microsoft Netframe work, 

  Microsoft Netframe : http://www.microsoft.com/net

Keylogger Setting or how to use keylogger
3.Extract rapzo keylogger file into your hard drive and ope rapzo logger.exe
4. go to rapzo keylogger opetion
.Click on Enable and check it,
6. if you have not email, then go to google.com click on gmail and make a gmail account, after all enter your gmail username and password. 

Enter username box (umerrock@live.com)
Enter Pass box (same pass which you chose)
Logs send to box (same email umerrock@live.com)
Now click on Test me.
if it will show you tha email is correct then you can check your mails a test mail will in your inbox,
7. Now go to option and check/tick the following components,
(i) tick on encrypt info (it will send you ip adress and system information)
(ii) tick on screen logger (it will take a screenshot from victim computer and send you in email inbox)
(iii) tick on stealers it will record passwords/keystorkes 


  When you will Select on Stealers a new Box will open then check on Enable all and click ok Save Settings.

After Options Go to Mail Setup and Enter your Amail and password
Enter Info
Enter UserName Box (yourgmail id)
Enter Password Box (Enter ur orignal password)
Logs Send to Box (Enter your Same Gmail id) 

 After all Click on Test me if the box show like the pic below then ur all setting is correct otherwise check ur email and password.

8.After all last step is this, click on build server, a server file will be created autmatic in same directory. 

Guyz this is Additional Step,
Now run the resource Hacker
when you open resource hacker then go to file then click on open then open the server file which you created by Rapzo keylogger.

 when you will open server file then click on version info then click on 1 then click on "0" there you can see file description is Hijackthisfile reaplace it with Microsoft

then click on complete script and go to file and save it as anyfilename with the extension of jpg

Thats it now you can bind it with any jepg image file with easy binder and upload it any hosting site like mediafire.com and share with your victim when he/she will run then you can hack it.



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