IP Catcher-Steal Ip's

Many People are very curious to know the ip of the friend we are chatting using Google talk though they don't know how to use it in a good or a bad way. I will In this article teach you how to steal ip using a PHP script

NOTE: This tutorial is for educational purposes only, I am NOT responsible in any way for how this information is used, use it at your own risk.

How to steal a Ip adress??
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$file = "ips.txt";
$f=fopen($file, 'a');
Nothing Found!!saurav!! 

Save it as steal.php

1.) First of all you need to make a new .txt document on the website you're uploading this to. Name it ips.txt (You can change that in the script aswell where it says $file = 'ips.txt'; in the second line)(which i have done already) . Then change the CHMOD to 777.

2.) Now you need to past the script above in to a steal.php document, and upload it.

3.) Now you make people visit your site, and they will see only " Nothing Found!!saurav!! " !

4.) To view the IP, you simply add "/ips.txt" after your domain, and you'll see the IP.

This is a very simple, but effectually method for stealing someones IP Address


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